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Scheduled trainings 2021:

training location dates
Until further notice, Mikrotik allows Online Prep Workshops (theory) to be held - an in-Person session for knowledge recap and practical lab training must take place prior to accessing certification tests !

Minimum number of participants per training: 4 - if number is less than 4, training may be cancelled !

Prerequisite to attend any Mikrotik advanced engineer training (MTCRE, MTCWE, MTCTCE, MTCUME, MTCIPv6E, MTCSE):

valid MTCNA certification (send your certificate-ID along with registration)

Training prerequisites

Bring your own laptop with at least one ethernet port and MS Windows preinstalled with working Mikrotik Tool winbox.exe
2x Ethernet Cat5 2m patch cables

Included in training price

• 2 days of training (advanced certificates) 3 days (MTCNA)
• printed training material
• Coffee breaks at mid-morning and mid-afternoon each day
• Lunch (incl. 1 softdrink)
• 1 MikroTik Wireless Router (MTCNA)
• RouterOS license L4 (x86) or P1 (CHR)
• online exam (in English) - if required

The training costs do NOT include or cover

Lodging, travel, laptop, any kind of ethernet, serial or power cables, power extension cords or adaptors.


No type of insurance for participants is provided.
Participants are requested to arrange individual insurance coverage if needed.


No assistance or invitations for obtaining a visa are provided.
Participants needing visa arrangements or any kind of formal invitation are kindly requested to contact the embassy in their countries to check whether an entry visa is required.
For any other kind of visa or travel arrangement, please contact a local travel agent to organize.